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2023-2024 | Funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada

This project aims to support increased reproductive justice for all Yukoners by supporting the operational capacity of the OPAL Clinic.

The Opal Clinic is the Yukon’s only dedicated reproductive health care clinic offering abortion services, and yet it does not have an operational budget and is run solely by two local doctors. The Yukon Status of Women Council (YSWC) is partnering with the Opal Clinic to help increase their capacity and support reproductive justice for all Yukoners. 



The YSWC will be completing the following activities:

  • A cross-jurisdictional scan of reproductive care clinics across Canada to examine their governance structures and funding sources. These findings will inform the structuring of Opal Clinic going forward.

  • The YSWC has also contracted Open North, a nonprofit organization specializing in data governance, to develop a data governance framework for the Opal Clinic that would allow for the collection, storage, and analysis of data (e.g. number of medical abortions, number of surgical abortions, travel barriers from rural communities).

  • Based on the findings from this data analysis, YSWC will help to develop a reproductive justice advocacy strategy aimed at bolstering Yukoners’ access to reproductive healthcare. Part of this strategy will include policy recommendations, legislative reform briefings and funding advocacy strategies.

Queer Yukon is also piloting a parallel study on reproductive justice, specifically for 2SLGBTQ+ Yukoners. The YSWC has been contracted by Queer Yukon to support various aspects of their study. These include sharing the findings from the cross-jurisdictional scan, re-starting the reproductive care clinic working group, and working together on the reproductive justice advocacy strategy. Both Queer Yukon and the YSWC aim to increase access to fulsome, inclusive reproductive healthcare for Yukoners.

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