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2023-2026 | Funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada

The aim of this project is to examine the intersection of IPV and family law. In doing this, we hope to increase awareness and knowledge about how these processes influence each other, and improve systemic responses for survivors of IPV in the Yukon.

The intersection between intimate partner violence and family law is complex. Family law processes can escalate or perpetuate IPV, and IPV can impact how survivors interact with family court processes. To date, there are no projects in the Yukon addressing the intersection between IPV and family law, resulting in gaps in knowledge and inadequate systemic responses.

Ultimately, this project (through the activities described below) aims to improve systemic responses for survivors of IPV and increase their safety when engaging with the family court process in the Territory.



The YSWC will be completing the following activities:

  • Identify gaps in knowledge from legal professionals and community service providers through surveys and focus groups

  • 'Yukonize' the After She Leaves Manual

  • Holding knowledge sharing events and trainings on IPV + family violence in the Yukon context

  • Facilitate knowledge exchanges between IPV service providers in the Yukon and Luke's Place in Ontario

  • Conduct legislative and policy reviews of Yukon laws and policies relating to separation and family law

  • Conduct a jurisdictional scan to determine improvements to family laws in Canada

  • Develop law reform materials and engage in a law reform campaign

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Explore some documents, news links and publications related to the project. 

Family LAW & IPV Information

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