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2021-2023 | Funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada

The aim of this project is to map out the level of risk of gender-based violence (GBV) in each Yukon Community. This will inform the creation of an online risk assessment tool that has applications for how policy and decision-makers allocate resources to communities, impact assessment processes and beyond.

The reliable acquisition of and access to gender-based violence (GBV) data in the Yukon is low. People who experience GBV often do not formally report occurrences of violence, and furthermore, those data that are formally reported are often unavailable due to privacy considerations and capacity limitations. As a result, the potential mitigative/response policies, resources and services are often mismatched to or insufficient for the frequency and intensity of GBV occuring in a given Yukon community. 


Instead of relying on individual-driven data to inform community responses to GBV, we are developing a "Yukon GBV community risk assessment framework" to circumvent the above mentioned barriers. 

Using a standardized list of key indicators (eg. absence or presence of a women's shelter, turnover of RCMP in specific community, access to rape kits etc), each Yukon community's capacity to respond to or mitigate GBV will be assessed every quarter using this framework.

The information will then be rendered onto an online interactive dashboard where policy and decision makers, YESAB assessment officers, community advocates and the general public can visualize the variables contributing to a given Yukon community's GBV risk score. 

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Explore some documents, news links and publications related to the project. 

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