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We regularly work with other organizations on a local, territorial and national scale. Relationships are at the core of all our work. We strive to foster stronger, broader connections and enhance collective capacity where we can to improve the lives of women.


Feminist Law Reform 101

Throughout 2022, YSWC hosted an online bookclub based on the National Association of Women and the Law's "Feminist Law Reform 101" online course. 

In September 2022, NAWL came to Whitehorse and co-facilitated a 2-day workshop on law reform tools. One of the days focused on the gendered impacts of climate change.

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We work hard to promote and maintain close relationships with front-line service organizations, sharing resources and capacity, delivering training and workshops, and acting as a supportive and collaborative partner. Through our projects, we find supportive and safe ways of amplifying the voices of People With Lived/Living Experience by providing employment opportunities, peer groups, and mentorship opportunities to young feminists. 

Here are some of our partners.


We work together with other organizations across the territory to advance collective action on issues impacting women.

Some of the groups we are involved with include:

  • Yukon Women’s Coalition

  • Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon

  • Whitehorse Planning Group on Homelessness

  • Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition

  • RCMP Training and Development Framework Implementation Group

  • Together for Safety

  • Pan-Territorial Working Group on Women’s Issues

  • Victims of Crime Strategy


We also stay connected to issues nationally and bring Yukon voices to the table. This helps us build our network and capacity as a research and advocacy organization, frame our work within the wider women's equity collective movement, and ensure Yukon is represented.

Explore some of the national groups that we are involved with.


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