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We are a non-governmental organization that works to advance gender equity through research, education and systemic advocacy. 

The Yukon Status of Women Council (YSWC) has a rich history of feminist principles and action. We occupy a unique position within the women’s community because we are the only non-governmental organization that has the mandate to work on women’s issues with all levels of government, conduct research, follow up the results with action, and provide a platform for Yukon women's voices. Participatory research on the issues and concerns of Yukon women is translated into action for change, bringing women’s issues to the forefront. YSWC acts as a catalyst for women to work together and to spark action.

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  • More peace

  • More prosperous businesses & communities

  • Happier children & relationships​


To Gender Justice and Equity

We commit ourselves to a world where everyone, no matter their age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, class, religion, geographic location, and physical or mental ability, is able to thrive. 

We recognize that not everyone has equal access to our social systems and one’s experiences within these systems are shaped by a number of overlapping and interrelated social conditions. By taking a wider view of gender equity, one that recognizes the imbalances within the systems that privilege some groups while disadvantaging others, we can move towards gender justice. 

There is an urgency in addressing rooted factors undermining gender equity and justice and we will continue pushing for substantive change by actively working to dismantle the legal, political, and structural barriers that exist, not only for the generations of today but for those that will come.



anyone who identifies as a woman, including trans women and other marginalized genders who have a sense of shared identity or experience with women.


We know that cis women and trans women share many similar experiences of marginalization but that their experiences of gender inequity and gender-based violence are not identical and cannot be addressed under a one-size-fits-all approach. We approach our work and advocacy with this more inclusive definition of ‘woman’ and continue to learn, grow, and expand our understanding of gender so that our work towards gender justice is not an oversimplification. 

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