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We are a non-governmental organization that works to advance gender equity through research, education and systemic advocacy. 

The Yukon Status of Women Council (YSWC) has a rich history of feminist principles and action. We occupy a unique position within the women’s community because we are the only non-governmental organization that has the mandate to work on women’s issues with all levels of government, conduct research, follow up the results with action, and provide a platform for Yukon women's voices. Participatory research on the issues and concerns of Yukon women is translated into action for change, bringing women’s issues to the forefront. YSWC acts as a catalyst for women to work together and to spark action.

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We conduct participatory research on the issues and concerns of Yukon women and translate knowledge into action for change.


We analyse policy and advocate for change at the systems-level around key issues impacting women in the territory and what’s needed to advance women’s equity.



We educate and raise awareness at all levels of the system, bringing women’s issues to the forefront.

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Women are twice as likely

as men

to experience violence and five times more likely than men to experience sexualized assault.

(Adam Cotter, Statistics Canada, 2021)

A person is more at risk if they are Indigenous, racialized, LGBTQ2+, or living with a disability or in a northern or remote community.

(Women and Gender Equity Canada)

Women still earn on average less than men,

both in hourly wages and total income; however, in Yukon, the wage gap has narrowed faster than in the rest of Canada.

(Yukon Women’s Directorate)

10 times more women than men

have fallen out of the labour force since 2020.


(RBC Economics, 2021)