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The Yukon Status of Women Council is a territorial, feminist organization striving to achieve women’s equity through research, education, and advocacy. 


Our feminist organization envisions a world of equal opportunity and access where...

  • gender equity exists in all spheres of life,

  • all women have the opportunity to explore their own potential,

  • all women are safe and their lives are valued equally, and

  • there is respect for women’s opinions, needs, and actions.

  • Our basic feminist principle is that all women are equal. We acknowledge how women’s differences, including but not limited to those based on race, religion, abilities, Indigeneity, age, sexual orientation, class, culture, education, image, or geography, impact their experiences. Inclusion of all women and their differences leads to equality. We believe feminist principles should be included in all services, legislation, policies, and programs.


  • We arrive at decisions through a collaborative, non-adversarial process that respects and includes each person’s contributions.

  • We support women’s right to choices in all areas of their lives: in employment, legally, physically, culturally, socially, and in their families. We support women’s right to live out their choices.

  • We commit to building upon women’s successes along the road to equality and commit to learning from our challenges and complex history, including our relationships with Indigenous peoples and the land. Since our inception, YSWC has been working on, and benefitting from, the territories of all Yukon First Nations, specifically the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Ta’an Kwächän Council's territories where our office is located. We commit to doing our part in Reconciliation to dismantle systems of oppression.

  • We believe all women have a right to a clear and equal voice in decisions that affect their lives. The Yukon Status of Women Council promotes and recommends actions that bring about equality and inclusion for women.


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308 Hanson Street

Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 1Y6

Tel: 867-332-3163

We gratefully acknowledge the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and the Ta'an Kwächän Council on whose traditional territories we reside and do our work. We respect each nation's sovereignty and the long history of land and community stewardship and knowledge that shapes this beautiful place.

We strive to be as accessible as possible but understand this means different things to different people. If you had trouble accessing this page or any resource, please contact:

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