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The Capacity Building Project aims to increase the YSWC’s capacity in the areas of strategic planning, governance, human resource management, financial health, and community partnerships. These are essential ingredients in building an organization that is capable of achieving its strategic goals and sustainability. 

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  • Women and Gender Equality Canada


The Capacity Building Project aims to increase the YSWC’s capacity in the areas of:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Governance

  • Human Resource Management Tools

  • Financial Health

  • Community Partnerships


This will be done through a Gender-Based Analysis+ (GBA+) informed lens and be participatory in nature to create longstanding, relevant and appropriate frameworks to guide our work now and into the future. With a focus on relationships, knowledge mobilization and organizational integrity, we strengthen our capacity to work effectively and meaningfully with partners to collectively impact gender equity in the Yukon.


  • The YSWC Board & Executive Director continually co-create medium-term strategic plans to identify organizational goals and define how we will achieve them.

  • The YSWC Board continually builds their governance capacity through training, tools and resources

  • The YSWC Board & ED revise and develop new Policies and Procedures

  • The YSWC Board & ED work together to implement sound financial practices and maintain YSWC's financial health

  • The YSWC leverages specialized knowledge by collaborating with community partners at the local, territorial and national levels

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